Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Tip Thursday

Cleaning your toilets. Not fun, I know. But necessary.

Like most people, I use a toilet bowl cleaner to give the toilets a good cleaning once a week (usually). But I also like to keep the bowl fresh between cleanings. Most any store with a housewares department sells very pretty toilet brush sets for $19.99 and up.

A cheaper solution, and one that works better in my opinion, is to use a simple container ($10) that matches your decor and an inexpensive toilet brush ($3). Fill the container with water and a small amount of liquid soap - like a hand-wash dishwashing liquid. This mixture will keep your brush a bit cleaner and gets off the gunk on the toilet. Wipe the toilet daily for best results.

Here are my toilet brush containers.
This is a vase that I no longer had a use for.

A crock designed to hold kitchen utensils.

Don't feel bound by those flimsy and expensive brush options at the local home-goods store. Find something unique that fits your home and make it work for you.

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