Wednesday, April 6, 2011

50 Things To Do in 5 Minutes

No, I'm not suggesting you complete 50 tasks in 5 minutes.  This isn't some kind of scavenger hunt.  Rather it's 50 separate suggestions of things you can accomplish in 5 minutes. 

We all love dramatic before and after photos. It's amazing to see all we can accomplish with enough time and resources. But the reality is that most of our lives isn't made up of a day or a half day spent on organizing projects. Our lives are made up of 5 minutes of availability squeezed in between work, changing diapers, getting out the door, folding laundry and watching Grey's Anatomy. And that's how we live organized... by taking advantage of those moments.

So the next time you have 5 minutes, step away from Facebook (where you know you'll spend way more than 5 minutes getting sucked into it) and try to do one of these things to make your life a little simpler, your home a little more organized and your heart a little happier.

  1. Check Voicemail
  2. Schedule an annual doctor visit for yourself (& write it on the calendar)
  3. Delete 25 out-dated emails from your inbox
  4. File a small stack of papers
  5. Shred a few old bills
  6. Repair a loose button
  7. Throw out expired or old condiments from the fridge
  8. Clean out your purse (or at least one section of it!)
  9. Download pictures from your camera to your computer
  10. Purge a stack of magazines
  11. Clear out the ice cubes that have collected in the bottom of the freezer
  12. Toss expired coupons
  13. Go through one file of photos on your computer and delete the duplicates and bad ones
  14. Cleanse your garbage disposal by running it with a cut up lemon, baking soda and ice cubes
  15. Clear one clutter "hot spot"
  16. Refill the soap dispensers in all the bathrooms
  17. Update your voicemail message
  18. Plan your dinner menu for the week
  19. Choose 3 things from the closet that you'll never wear again and put them in the donate box
  20. Update your Netflix queue
  21. Write a love note to your spouse or significant other
  22. Transfer the $5 you didn't spend on coffee this morning from your checking account to your savings account
  23. Schedule e-cards for friends with birthdays this month
  24. Update your child's baby book
  25. Throw out expired medications
  26. Clear out the containers of last week's leftovers from the fridge
  27. Answer 1 important email that you keep putting off
  28. Uninstall 3 apps from your phone that you never use
  29. Add critical numbers to your cell phone contact list - poison control, local sheriff department, doctor, dentist and other key doctors
  30. Move your donation bag/box to the trunk of your car so you can drop it off on your next trip out
  31. Restock your diaper bag with wipes, diapers, diaper cream, a small snack & a bottle of water
  32. Check your coat closet for out of season items that need to be moved
  33. Research options for your next vacation
  34. Search for a new recipe to try with ingredients you already have on Epicurious or All Recipes
  35. Clean off your doorbell and exterior door knob to make the welcome warmer for visitors
  36. Put away 5 things that are not in their correct home
  37. Dust the television & electronic components
  38. Clean the kid fingerprints off your DVDs with Windex and a soft cloth
  39. Clear out the unmatched socks from your drawer
  40. Sweep out the side of the garage without a car in it
  41. Empty your shredder and the bottom tray on your 3-hole punch
  42. Empty the crumb tray on the toaster and wipe off the finger prints from the outside
  43. Remove 3 outdated documents from the front of the fridge
  44. Delete 3 recurring timers from your DVR of shows that you never watch or that have been canceled
  45. Microwave a bowl of water with lemon juice for 3 minutes to loosen gunk then wipe down the microwave with a damp cloth
  46. Clear out the unnecessary receipts gathered in your George Costanza wallet
  47. Send a quick "thinking of you" email to 3 friends
  48. Unscrew the filters from your faucets and soak in a small bowl of white vinegar to clear the mineral deposits
  49. Update your to-do list.  Eliminate one thing you don't really need to do and probably won't do anyway
  50. Read a Delightfully Organized blog post!

What do you do with 5 minutes to spare?

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