Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick & Simple Bathroom Vanity Makeover

This took me less than one hour and cost a grand total of $3.

This is what my bathroom vanity looked like before:

As you can see, Mr. Brown & I have separate sinks.  We use separate toothbrush holders and have separate toothpaste.  (these are great things for anyone wanting to eliminate arguments over whether you squeeze in the middle or what brand to use)  But our collection of bath accessories was a mish-mash of things collected over years of separate apartments and joint apartments and so they didn't really match.

A quick trip to your local bath accessory store will reveal that these things while they try to be "stylish" just end up feeling, well, bathroom like.  I wanted spa-like.  What's more spa-like than glass?

So instead of hitting up one of the big-box stores I went to the dollar store and found 3 glass candle holders.  I combined these with a variety of glass objects we already had to create this after:

What I used:
My toothbrush - vase I already had on-hand
Mr. Brown's toothbrush - candle holder $1
Toothpastes - a mug from a wedding Mr. Brown was in back in 2003.  That couple is no longer together and the mug was just not something he really used.  So now instead of taking up space in our kitchen cabinets it's being useful in our bathroom
Cotton Balls - candle holder $1
Q-tips - candle holder $1
Lilac Soaps (smell lovely) - brandy snifter that was taking up space in my over-the-fridge cabinet for the last 10 years

I then put all of it and the things that didn't really fit in a glass container on a tray I've had for several years and used intermittently as a Christmas decoration.  Putting everything on the tray makes it feel like the little tray of amenities you get at a hotel.  And it will make it easy for me to lift all at once and clean underneath.

Now let's just hope Mr. Brown is on board!


  1. Very nice! It's amazing how big a difference just a little change can make.

  2. Thanks, Steph! So far we're really liking the change. I had no idea you are an Avon rep. I can't wait to check out your blogs. Are you on twitter?


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