Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tour My Pantry

Two weeks ago I spend a day giving my pantry a mini face lift.  I am so happy with the results.

Come take a tour with me!

Paint! The very first thing I did after emptying the pantry was paint it. Previously it was a hideous uninspired shade of builder-grade white flat paint.  I painted the walls a pale, butter yellow that I already had from a project I was going to do awhile back.  The shelves got a fresh coat of high gloss white.

Starting at the top:  Dry goods are stored in restaurant-style food storage bins. I love them because they hold a lot, are clear, sturdy and my labels stick easily. I use them for flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, baking mix and cookie/cake decorating supplies.  Other things on the top shelf are my vacuum sealer and the storage containers I use for freezing meals.

The next shelf (at eye level):  Baking supplies (this is where I've always kept them). 
And on the other half the larger items for everyday dinners - rice, pasta, taco shells, salad toppings

Shelf #3 (just below eye level): This is where I had some fun at The Container Store.
On the left I used a simple cabinet shelf to stack cans.  On the bottom I have just my true "staples" chicken broth and tomatoes.  On the top, everything else.

In the middle I wanted some pull out drawers like you would put in a cabinet. But since my shelves are only 15" deep all of the ones made for the kitchen were too big. I told the helpful employee my dilemma and she suggested that there might be a 15" pull out in the bathroom section. Sure enough, we found these Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers. I bought two - one for bottles and one for small boxes and packages.

Seriously, how awesome is it that I can pull the drawer out and find that bottle of apple cider vinegar tucked way in the back without moving everything in front of it?
The other side of that shelf holds some other miscellaneous cooking supplies (like bread crumbs, extra peanut butter, seasoning packets, and extra ketchup).  You might have noticed that my seasoning packets are in a little box.  That is a kids shoe box from Stride-Rite.  The opening in the lid was just the right size for those packets.

Shelf #4 is kid accessible.  I moved the cereal down there and snacks.  We keep a door knob lock on the pantry door because our kids are young (just 3 & 2) and I don't want unlimited access to snacks.  But when I open the door at breakfast time they can grab the cereal themselves. The cereal is in containers from The Container Store (that I couldn't find online.)
I did NOT label the cereal containers because we switch up what we eat from time to time and I wanted these to stay flexible.  Next to the cereal is drinks (lemonade & hot cocoa mix), popcorn kernels for our air popper, nuts, and treats for potty training in some Oggi canisters I got at TJ Maxx but I think you can find them at Target and other places as well. In addition to the canisters I have the nuts and things in a variety of old jelly jars.  These, again are not labeled because they get changed out.

Shelf #5 is also kid accessible. Here I put bigger snacks like crackers & chips along with stuff for the baby - formula, baby food & bibs. It's great to grab a bib while I'm grabbing a container of applesauce.  I'm not sure I'm in love with the Rubbermaid containers I have here but I already had them on hand so I'm using them for now.

On the floor: This is for bulk storage.  On the far left I have an old diaper box with party supplies (paper plates, napkins, etc that I need like 3x a year).  Then water bottles.  Then this pull-out shelf I had from before that I put extra Ziploc bags and foil and cling wrap.  I keep the current package of these items in other locations.  These are just extras.  Finally, more extra supplies like paper towels, dishwasher detergent and giant jugs of vegetable oil.

Did you think I was done?  Not yet.  I haven't showed you the walls on the sides and front!

To the left: the previous owner of our home already had these shelves installed.  I put our storage bags on the top here and my "make a turkey" stuff on the bottom self.  What is "make a turkey stuff", you ask?  Well, it's brining bags, twine, cheese cloth.  As my dear husband pointed out I only make a turkey a few times a year.  Well, yes, I responded, but I still need to store the tools somewhere!

Under the shelves I put a 3M Command Hook to hold a bag full of my plastic grocery bags to use for lunches for work and small trash cans.

And on the front wall, another Command Hook for my broom & dustpan

To the right, the top shelf has cleaning stuff for my Shark Steam Mop and carpet steam cleaner.  The bottom shelf is what I like to call the "Nana & Papa shelf" - things my parents like when they visit like coffee and tea.

Under the shelves another Command Hook for my Shark.

On the front wall, a magnetic strip from The Container Store for holding extra bag clips.

And finally... on the back of the door I put all of my reusable shopping bags inside of one bag on a hook.  Now I can just grab the bag on my way out the door to the store.

So there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed my tour. 

To see my previous pantry reorganization check here.

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  1. I love the idea of shelves on the side!!

  2. Wow, your pantry looks so organized. I'm so jealous. :)

  3. @Jane - I'm pretty sure I've seen those at The Home Depot in the aisle with other home organization/shelving items.

    @Christy - once you guys decide on your next place let me know and I'll help you get yours set up.

  4. Great job! Aren't the command hooks awesome! I love them. Wish I had some stock in
    The side walls of our pantries look similar.
    Oh.. the turkey bags I only use at Thanksgiving? I keep mine in the Thanksgiving bin.
    Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party! Perfect you did you pantry since this last 3 weeks were my kitchen series!

  5. I have a small pantry too. Your makeover turned out so well and it looks like you have so much more space now. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  6. I wanted to let you know that I'm going to feature you on my Organizing Mission Link party tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and pick up my badge, "Proud To Be Featured on Organizing Mission Monday". Thanks!

  7. Sandy - thanks so much! How exciting! I love the command hooks. And I agree about wishing I got some piece of the profits because I use them everywhere!

    Turkey stuff in the thanksgiving bin makes sense, except that my hubby likes to have the occasinal random turkey at other times of the year.

    @Leanne - it feels like there is a ton more space!

  8. Saw your link up with Organize with Sandy's blog. I had to come see it in detail. It looks super! I really need to redo the small area we have for can goods. Thanks for wonderful ideas. I have seen the wire looking shelves that provide space under them. Where do you purchase them? Thanks!


  9. @Becca - The shelves are a great option for a small space! I got mine at The Container Store but I know Bed Bath & Beyond has similar items. I would guess Target and Walmart would have them to (just probably a smaller selection of colors and sizes). If you get some, I'd love to see how they change your space!

  10. Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!


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