Wednesday, April 13, 2011

While I Was In The Kitchen...

I couldn't keep my hands off the spice cabinet!

The total cost of this mini makeover was $30 for the stainless steel expandable shelf from The Container Store.

I've kept my spices and other miscellaneous cooking ingredients in the cabinet next to the stove the entire 5 years we've lived in this house. And in the same place in many apartments before this.  My mom kept her spices in the cabinet next to the stove. That's where they make most sense to me. I can reach them easily while cooking and put them back quickly for cleanup.

I've found that for some spices that we use a lot of (Italian Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Basil, Garlic Powder) it was better for me to buy in larger size from the warehouse clubs.  They get used far more quickly than they lose potency.  But given the way the cabinets were arranged the only place they fit was the bottom shelf.  That meant all my smaller spices went in the middle.  And my poor cooking spray and measuring cups were relegated to the top.  Now, I'm only 5'3" so seeing what was on the top shelf was next to impossible.

What did I change:
I moved the shelf height!  Yes, you can change your shelves!  I know you probably haven't moved them since the day you moved into your home but in most cases they are adjustable.  And mine were adjustable with no tools - just need thumbs!

I raised the 1st shelf one notch giving me enough room for my sesame oil on that expanding rack.

I then moved the 2nd shelf up two or three spots (I can't remember) making plenty of room on that 2nd shelf for my larger spice containers, the cooking spray and my measuring cups!  Hooray. This has made the whole cooking experience more pleasant for me as I no longer have to stand on tip-toes or a stool.

The top shelf is now very short.  But that's okay.  The things up there are ones I rarely use - Christmas serving platters, pie plates, cupcake liners, candlesticks, etc.  So on the rare occasion I do need them, I don't mind grabbing a stool (or asking the hubby for help!)

In the end I went from this:

To this:

It may not look like a big change to you but it makes a world of difference for my daily kitchen experience.

Where do you store your spices?


  1. My Hubby just sorted our spice collection a few weeks ago. We went from 3 small shelves down to 2 after he purged. We store our spices in a cabinet across from the stove. Have you seen the McCormick Recipe Inspirations pre-measured spice collection? I haven't tried the recipes yet but the idea behind it is ingenious! No more buying a large container for a pinch of spice, everything is pre-measured!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!! Love how you organized!! Great job! I am your newest follower!!
    Sadie jane

  3. WOW your spice shelf looks great now. It's amazing how the little changes can make such a huge difference.


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