Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taking Cues From The Workplace

When trying to run a household or home office we often try to find others who have done so successfully and copy from them. But there are so many other areas we can learn from. Managing a home and family shares a lot of similarities to running a business. Why not try to glean some tips and tricks and good principles from those who manage spaces as part of their job?

Here are some basic good housekeeping principles for an office or manufacturing environment.

  1. Clean, organize & achieve as you go.
  2. Stack materials neatly - place heavy of bulky items on the bottom and do not stack items too high.
  3. Keep cabinet doors and drawers closed.
  4. Return chemicals, equipment and tools to their proper place after use.
  5. Keep floors free of clutter.
  6. Keep stairs, aisles & walkways clear.
  7. Follow proper cleaning & maintenance procedures.
  8. Utilize regular inspection check lists.
  9. Dispose of materials, trash and/or recyclables properly in appropriate containrs.
  10. Place service calls to get housekeeping issues repaired, replaced or removed.
  11. If you notice a housekeeping issue - take action to get it addressed.

Do you see any similarities from the housekeeping principles employed in a manufacturing environment and those we should be employing in our homes?

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