Sunday, February 14, 2010

28 Days To Living Organized - Day 14 - Email: Do

28 days to Living Organized

Email: Do
"Do" email?  How is that different from Respond?
It's different in that you get off your rear-end and DO something.  Maybe you walk to a coworker's desk and have a conversation.  Maybe you fill out some paperwork and file/fax/mail it.  Maybe you make a phone call.
There are times (hard to believe, I know!) that our email requires us to do something other than sit at our computer.  If you receive an email that requires some action on your part and you can do it quickly and easily then simply get it done.
At this point, if you've taken one of the 6 actions on each item in your inbox that was newly received your inbox should be EMPTY!  But.... you still have the backlog to deal with.  We'll get to that tomorrow.

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