Saturday, February 6, 2010

28 Days To Living Organized - Day 6 - Solution Implementation

28 days to Living Organized

Solution Implementation
Today’s the day!  It’s time to put that great idea you came up with into action.  If your solution is a simple one (like mine) this is a “just do it” kind of activity.  Don’t put it off… just throw out the old and put in the new. 

It may be that your solution requires a bit more work.  Maybe you need to buy a new piece of furniture or organizing tool.  Maybe you need to rearrange things and need to find a time to actually do this.

I’m going to encourage you to do everything possible to make this happen TODAY!  Every day you put it off is another day you have to live in your old crazy life.  If you can’t do it today, please, please, please put it on your calendar for sometime in the next 30 days.  If time or money will not allow you to do it within that time frame then go back to Day 5 and re-evaluate your options.  Come up with a plan that will meet your needs in a more timely fashion.  Putting off changes to improve your life for a month, or a year or indefinitely is not going to  bring you any closer to living organized.  It will likely make you actually more frustrated because you know there’s a better way but you can’t achieve it.

So, today is a day of action.  DO something to live more organized today. 

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