Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick Tip Thursday

Do you have an artificial tree that comes in multiple pieces?  Is it a challenge each year to find the cords and get each section connected correctly?

This year, when you are putting up (or taking down) the tree add labels to any cord that needs to be plugged/unplugged.  Labels can be in many different forms
  • printed labels from your trusty label maker
  • handmade adorable tags that look like ornaments
  • old bread bag closers that you write on
The keys to making it work are:
  • Make the label easy to see/find amidst all the branches
  • Make the label hard to remove (so it doesn't get knocked off)
Next year when you drag that tree up from the basement you'll get it lit on the first try (assuming you didn't break any bulbs!)

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