Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Cake Pops

Those are not my cake pops.  That's just some Valentine's imagery from my mantle to keep you in the mood of the day.

These are my cake pops:

This is not the best an awful picture.  You try taking a picture at 6am while it's still dark out and there are 2 preschoolers hovering around asking if they can "have one yet!"  It's not easy I'll tell you that.

My cake pops taste delicious!  They look, um, sad.  This is no reflection on their awesome idea originator, Bakerella.  This is purely a function of my lack of following directions.  Mistakes I made:

1. Made my cake balls too big.  I thought, bigger is better, right?  Wrong.  Bigger meant they didn't want to stay on their sticks while being dipped.  There were several rejects that were too bad to even make it into the photo.

2. I didn't buy candy bark.  I didn't fully read the directions until AFTER I went to the store.  I thought the coating on the outside was frosting.  I had plenty of frosting.  It's not, it's candy bark.  I did have white chocolate chips.  I melted them and added a bit of red food coloring to make them pink and it actually worked pretty well.  But I didn't have enough.

3. I didn't get them coated entirely.  This is probably because a) my pops were too big. b) my bowl was wide instead of deep and c) I was so busy worrying about whether they were going to fall of the stick that getting them coated perfectly wasn't really a concern.

In the end, the look a little funny, taste really good, and my kids love them.  Lessons learned.

I will definitely be making these again.

If you want to see how awesome cake pops CAN look... head over to Bakerella and see all of her awesome variations.

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