Thursday, March 17, 2011

Declutter Challenge #17

Just 4 more days left until SPRING!!!  Hooray!  Are you getting worn out yet?  Hang in there with me a few more days.  You'll feel so much lighter when things are decluttered.  Today's challenge:

Laundry Room

Whether you have a room, a closet or a corner of the basement for laundry, it's time to make that spot as happy as can be for your laundry needs.  Now, few people really love doing laundry but we all have to do it anyway.  Make your space one that doesn't totally frighten you away.  Take 10 minutes today and do a quick sweep of your laundry area and get rid of anything that doesn't belong or needs to go.

And you might even want to toss a load in while you work!

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