Friday, March 4, 2011

Declutter Challenge #4

If you didn't do it yesterday, today you're gonna need to grab a box or a bag for donation items.  We'll keep using this (and adding more) over the next few weeks to put those items we no longer want or need but that are still in good condition.

We're moving out of the kitchen today and into the bedroom!

Your Closet

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Now don't be scared!  This isn't meant to be an all-day endeavor.  Just take 5 minutes if that's what you have.  You can do a lot in 5 minutes.  If you have all-day and are really feeling motivated, then by all means feel-free to do a full purge.  I won't stop you.  But make sure you really have the time to devote to it.  I don't want you neglecting other duties to make this happen.  Decluttering & organizing should be part of your regular routine, not a disruption of your entire life.

The challenge: take 5-10 minutes (set the timer if you have to) and take an honest look at your closet. Pull out anything you know you won't wear again.  This includes things that:
  • don't fit (especially if it's too big!)
  • in disrepair - holes, snags, broken zippers, missing buttons you know you'll never fix
  • not yours (seriously... if you have clothes from your old roommate or your mom or your sister, get rid of them!)
  • not your style - I know you know what I mean.  We all have that item that we bought on a whim thinking it was so cool.  But once we got it home (and ripped the tags off & lost the receipt of course) we realized it really wasn't consistent with our style and/or body type.  Let it go!
  • Shoes that pinch your toes
  • Shoes that have seen better days
What should you NOT do... please do not purge your husband's closet!  Discarding someone else's stuff is, quite honestly, a big violation of their privacy.  We feel protective of our stuff, especially those clothes that have memories for us (like his holey old college t-shirt!)  So if his side of the closet needs a little purging, invite him to join you for your 5-10 minute session.  But don't just toss out his stuff.

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