Wednesday, June 10, 2009

[ IN ] PLACE by Peter Walsh

I made a quick trip to Office Max yesterday for a few supplies for my upcoming garage sale. I'm like a kid in a candy store in office supply stores. I love shiny new pens and notebooks and post-its and every kind of filing object you can think of.

The only saving grace was that I had an appointment 45 minutes from when I stopped in so I really had to keep focused on why I was there and avoid the intoxicating, eye-glazing displays that sought to lure me in with the organizational solutions.

But I did take the time to survey the new line of organizational products by Peter Walsh (the organizer from TLC's Clean Sweep) - [ IN ] PLACE. I'll tell you this - the man is talented. He's taken the basic office supply and upgraded a notch with small, but effective design features that make them more practical. For example - sheet protectors for my notebooks that don't stick out past standard tabs - perfect for stashing magazine clippings and notes until I can get home to file them away. And surprisingly enough, all of these great products were no more expensive than the old versions.

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