Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick Tip Thursday

Does the end of dinner mean a mountain of dishes piled high with stuck on gunk and counters overflowing with ingredients both in their containers and spilled out?

In an ideal world we would clean as we go. Each dish and utensil would be carefully washed and put into the dishwasher immediately, leaving a clean kitchen when the meal is ready for the table. I'm not sure about you but I don't live in an ideal world. Nor do I live on the set of a cooking show with a staff of assistants.

A middle-ground solution... as soon as you start your meal, fill one half of your sink (assuming you have a double) with hot water and a bit of dish soap. When you finish with a dish or utensil, just toss into the water. When your dinner is finished you'll still need to rinse them and load the dishwasher but you won't have caked on ingredients. The scrubbing will be mostly done for you.

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