Monday, July 6, 2009


Part of being well organized is knowing what you don't know and being willing to learn from others. For example, I know how to make things work in a space. But when it comes to making things beautiful, I need help.
Today I'm going to direct you to some of the inspired, creative bloggers I have delightedly stumbled upon and become enamored with. While these are not strictly about organizing, their creative ideas may just inspire you to create a delightfully organized life for yourself so that you may enjoy making some of their ideas your own.

In Layla's own words:
My Philosophy
"My intention, and overall design philosophy, is to create beautiful, functional, comfortable, inspiring interiors that make you FEEL. Rooms you can't look away from without a fight."

The Nesting Place
"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

The Project Girl
"Join me as I create fun and useful projects, explore beauty around me, and design some beautiful stuff of my own. "

Hoosier Homemade
"Making Your House a Home"
Happy Reading!

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