Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting organized or Living organized?

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to “get organized.” It sounds so simple. Head to the store, buy a few dozen storage containers of various shapes and sizes and cram as much stuff into them as you possibly can. Voila! You are now organized. You’ve reached your goal of getting organized.

But is that really your goal? A month later when you are looking for, oh, say, the wrapping paper for that birthday party that’s coming up this weekend (or this afternoon!) can you find it? You’re sure it’s in one of those nifty storage containers. But which one? The ones you put in the basement or the spare bedroom? So instead of digging through them all you decided to just stop at the store and grab an easy gift bag and a package of tissue paper. You ignore the nagging guilt that you already have 25 gift bags and mounds of tissue paper somewhere in your house. Instead, you are just happy to be only a few minutes late to the party with a gift that has some kind of wrapper.

Does that sound like organization to you? Not to me.

Getting organized is, in my opinion, a fruitless and frustrating goal. It can be expensive both in the short term (those bins can add up quickly) and in the long term (you can’t find what you need so you buy a new one). And at the end of the year you feel frustrated that yet again, you are surrounded by a mass of things with no rhyme or reason to their locations.

Instead, let’s make our goal LIVING organized. This is not a one-time event. This is the rhythm of your daily life played out in a less cluttered, more streamlined way.

Join me as we live our lives more organized this year.

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