Monday, February 1, 2010

28 Days To Living Organized - Day 1 - Admit the Problem

28 days to Living Organized

Admit the Problem

What is your problem area? We all have them – even the most got-it-together-gal has a spot in her house that makes her cringe.
Our first step is identifying the issue and admitting to yourself. And if you are brave enough – to the blogging world.
You know when I asked the question “what is your problem area” that something in your house popped into your mind. Start there. Or, if you have so many places that you aren’t sure where to start, I have a suggestion…. start at the place you first go to when you enter your home. That’s my spot. I’m going to be working this through with you this month.
Here is my problem area (at least the one I’m going to share this month)… My Kitchen Island.

My name is Suzanne and I have a problem with clutter on my kitchen island.

Now you try it….

I’ll wait….

There you go…. That feels good to admit, doesn’t it. Come back tomorrow as we decide to take the next step in moving from problem to solution. If you want to play along at home feel free to link your blog here using McLinky or by commenting.

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