Tuesday, February 2, 2010

28 Days To Living Organized - Day 2 - Assess the Situation

28 days to Living Organized

Assess the Situation

We have admitted there is a problem. I recognize that my kitchen island is a collector of clutter. That’s a good first step but in order to actually work toward a solution we need to assess the problem in more detail.
What this means is actually looking at the clutter that’s there and putting a name & category on each thing.
Here’s what is there today…

  • Utility bill statements (not bills, just statements)

  • Investment account statements

  • Bills to be paid

  • Statement stubs from paid bills

  • Children’s books to be given to charity

  • A calendar I bought for my mom (2010 – hmmm…. Probably should have sent that already)

  • An HOA letter that needs to be acted upon

  • A contractor bid that needs to be acted upon and filed

  • Hair clips & rubber bands for my daughter
If I had to categorize these, I could come up with three general categories.



  3. MISPLACED ITEMS (not in the right home)
Tomorrow we’ll dig deeper into our solutions.

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