Thursday, February 18, 2010

28 Days To Living Organized - Day 18 - Time: To-Do List

28 Days to Living Organized

Time: To-Do List

We’ve talked about space and we’ve talked about email. Now we’re going to talk about organizing your TIME.

Have you ever….

• Made an appointment but forgot to write it down so you missed it?
• Committed to an activity that you didn’t make it to?
• Been late to an event?
• Been too early to an event?
• Left home without everything you needed for what you were doing?
• Skipped a few days of housework and ended up feeling overwhelmed by the results?

I’m guessing you’ve done at least one of these. I’m guessing almost everyone has done all of these at least once.

I want to talk today about your to-do list. I believe there are three keys to having a successful, useful to-do list. If you will do these three things I guarantee you will accomplish your goals – both big and small.

Write It
Read It
Do It

Brilliant, isn’t it? And yet despite the simplicity and obviousness of these three steps, how many times have you skipped one or more of them and then wondered why you weren’t getting things done.

1. Write It - Have a to-do list in written form.  Thiss can be done in a number of ways. You can use a pad of paper and pen, make a spreadsheet-style list, use some fancy notebook feature on your cell phone or you can use one of the many online options such as Ta-da Lists or Remember The Milk.

2. Read It - Refer to it regularly. Some of you are like me. You write it down then lose what you wrote it on and so you make a new one. In the meantime, you try to remember your items in your head. Don’t do that. Put it somewhere you can see while you are at home or away. And look at it at least every day – if not more than once a day.

3. Do It - When you look at it… DO SOMETHING. Making lists is fun for organizing geeks like me. But it is so much more satisfying to actually get things accomplished than it is to just write about what you wish you could get done.

In a few weeks, look for a follow-up for more advanced to-do list techniques. But for now remember this:

Write It
Read It
Do It

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