Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around the (blogging) World in 8 Posts

An update from my bathroom mini-makeover.  The reviews are in and they were positive!  Mr. Brown's comment "It looks so fancy."  I believe this was his code for "it looks nice, hope I don't break anything."  And my 3-year old's response was "Mama, you forgot to do ALL the bathrooms!  You didn't do MY bathroom!"  Apparently I need to do a non-breakable version for my kids!  Hmmm.... ideas are brewing!


These are a few posts around my blog reader that really captured my interest this week:

1. Valentine's Day decor @ 320 Sycamore - I've been working on my own Valentine's Day decor this week (look for pics soon) and this was so adorable I had to share.

2. The 4-Week Menu Plan @ Robin's Nest - My friend Robin is a happy homemaker and a school teacher.  And this adorable and functional meal plan is something I could learn a lot from!

3. In Today's Economy @ Deliver Away Debt

4. Winter Wonderland (& cupcakes!) @ Domestic Simplicity - My friend Lillian is an amazing mother and has such great days with her kids.  There were about 5 I wanted to copy this week!

5. The Good Marriage @ Catholic Mom - Only 45 more years to go for Mr. Brown & me!

6. Make The Bed You Want To Get Into @ Nesting Place - a good reminder about keeping things simple and functional

7. b, d, p, q Spinner @ I Can Teach My Child - this is such a cute way to teach these letters to little learners

8. Screw The Joneses @ Your Life. Organized. - thoughts on being happy with your own life and not worrying about everyone else.

What's your favorite blog (besides this one of course?)  Leave me a comment with a link!

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