Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confessions & Resolutions

Today I was playing around with the manual settings on my camera.  I was inspired by this post by Centsational Girl.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to take some before pictures of my biggest organizational embarrassements challenges.

These are spaces that are functional enough for now but really, really could be better.  However, because they are out-of-sight they are also often out-of-mind. 

The Master Bedroom
I have a hidden drawer in the top of my dresser.  I use it for two things - jewelry & unmatched socks.  The socks come and go as their matches eventually make it through the laundry cycle.  The jewelry is here to stay.  For now the pieces are sorted (mostly) into their original boxes.  But the labels on on the SIDES of the boxes.  And while I know which pieces are where for the most part, I still end up having to pick up the box to see if I have the right thing.

The Master Bath
The Drawer.  There is exactly one (1) drawer in our master bath.  I have commandeered 95% of it from Mr. Brown.  It works because I don't keep it overstuffed.  But there are a lot of little things lurking in the back that probably need to go.

Mr. Brown's cabinet.  Much like the drawer, I have commandeered most of Mr. Brown's vanity cabinet for cleaning supplies.  Just looking at this makes me wince.  At least I have child locks to keep the little people out!

My cabinet.  Not too much of an issue for me on a daily basis because I only get in here to grab my blow-dryer and flat iron.  But definitely needs some help.

Above the loo.  This space is screaming to be utilized.  I think we've hung something on that towel bar exactly 5 times in our 5 years in this house.  This spot would be so amazing with some functional beautiful shelving.

Our Command Center
This space works well for the most part.  It has a clock, hooks for keys, a pen holder and 7 drawers of various assignment.  The top of it tends to be a clutter collector, however.
*Note - the paper on the side is my daughter's "checklist" (in crayon!) of things she needed to do to plan a special treat for daddy on Sunday.

My drawer.  My father worked on this project over the holidays.  We turned our cute little drawers into a charging station.  The top two drawers have hidden power strips mounted to the inside back and hold all of our chargers (phones, camera batteries, etc).  It's so convenient.  But because all the stuff was removed to do the modification I have held off on putting things back until I knew how I wanted it.  So for now my drawer is mostly bare.

And la piece de resistance....
Our ultimate clutter catcher.... the kitchen island.  This is especially bad because it has all the things that came out of the drawers during the modification and my sadly dying birthday roses. But even when this stuff isn't here, it's so hard for my family to leave this flat surface alone.

This year, I plan to find new solutions for these spaces.   Stay tuned.  And if you have any good suggestions for me, feel free to share!

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