Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get ready to work!

Most of us have a bag we carry for work. It may be a laptop case.  It may be some kind of tote that holds your lunch and other necessities for the day.

In any case, if you are like most people, that bag gets messy over time. We never intend for it to get messy.  It just sort of happens.  We think we'll clean it out when we get home.  Or tomorrow.  But we never do.

So our first task of January's refresh & renew series is to clean out that work bag. 
1. Pull everything out. 
2. Quickly sort out the trash and throw it away.
3. Pull out anything that needs to get filed at work and file it
4. Find anything that needs to be filed at home and set it aside
5. Anything you need to take action on?  Add it to your to-do list and put the item/document in your "in work" place.
6. Miscellaneous stuff that doesn't belong in the bag?  Find it a new home.
7. Clean out the bag.  Dump out the crumbs and the little bits of paper.
8. Replace everything necessary in some kind of organized manner.

Now do this at the end of every work week and it should never be that bad again!

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