Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome To Your Life

There's an overabundance of talk today about starting fresh.  Everyone is talking about their resolutions, things they want to improve, and just generally starting anew.  The dawn of a new year tends to bring out our most basic instinct to get our proverbial house in order.  And I am no different.

But while everything in my being is telling me to get cracking on achieving every goal I've had for myself since I was 13, my better judgement is tempering my thoughts today.  Let me tell you that I haven't made any resolutions.  Would I like to lose weight, make more money, be more organized, etc, etc like everyone else?  Of course!  But years of New Years have taught me that I'm not a very good resolution-keeper. 

Instead I'm going to spend some time today making a list of achievable tasks that I actually believe I can accomplish this year.  This are things on my to-do list that can be checked off - not the perennial "lose 20 lbs" - more along the lines of "upgrade bathroom light fixture."

So what am I doing today?  Today is a family day.  But in between time with the kids and watching bowl games I am working on the following "fresh start" actions:

* Clear out my voicemail - home & mobile
* Change the filter in the water filtration system
* Download pictures off my camera & erase them from the memory card
* Review my DVR timers and weed out those I don't watch
* Finish my Christmas Thank-You cards
* Put away the last of the Christmas decorations (there are a handful of things lingering that didn't make it in the first round of picking up)
* Make my 2011 check list (a list of do-able actions, not unobtainable goals)

And if I get to it... clean out my email inbox & contact lists.

How will you be spending this first day of the year?  If the thought of trying to become a new person in one day is daunting (it is for me) then try not to think of it as a new start.  Think of it as your life - just one more day in your life that you are trying to make as good as it can be.

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