Friday, February 18, 2011

It's About... Delightfully Simple Solutions

Do you have something in your life that just makes you crazy. I'm not talking something major, but one of those little annoyance that happens so often and just makes you frustrated every time.

There are many in my life. Today I did something about one of them.

We have a front-load washing machine and matching dryer. They spin at something like 80,000 rpms. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but it's pretty fast, and as a result if there is anything sitting on top of them when running it will fall off.  For most things it's fine - I try not to keep stuff on top.  But I do have a little mini trash can on top of the dryer to hold lint and used dryer sheets. I could just get rid of it and use the regular trash can but, well, I don't want to.

Last weekend when it fell off yet again I had a light bulb moment. VELCRO!

So today I finally got around to it:
I took this trash can.  Okay, it's not actually a trash can.  I couldn't find a trash can I liked that was small enough when I was shopping a few years back.  It's actually a Kleenex holder box for a bathroom.

I already had this package of velcro (no clue why.  I think my dad must have bought it for a project when he was here)

And I attached two strips.

Then I found the right spot on my dryer (where it misses getting hit by the cabinet doors) and stuck it on.

I took that last picture while the dryer was running. 

So now it won't fall off and I can still remove it to empty the trash when I need to. Hooray! These are the small things that make me happy. 

If you have a simple solution you've come up with in your life to end one of those small frustrations, SHARE IT!  Take a few pictures if you can, write a blog post and let the rest of us know about it.

You can link to the MckLinky I created here.  Please make sure that you link to your actual blog post, not your main page.


  1. Thanks, Suzanne! I might have to try this with my bucket of Oxyclean. While doing laundry this morning, the washer spun the bucket of Oxyclean off the top of the washer and it spilled all over the floor. Oh, and this isn't the first time it has happened. :/

  2. Velcro may indeed be your answer Ann! If you aren't sure you could use those velcro hanging strips from 3M Command. They come off easily if you change your mind. Let me know if you do it and how it works.


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