Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Tip Thursday

Today's tip is less about being organized than it is about not making yourself insane over something small. Do you ship packages? Ever? With family out of state, selling things online and returning online purchases I actually ship more things than I really imagine. I like to use clea packing tape for my boxes. I've been using the stuff for at least 17 years, since that first time I had to send myself boxes at college. And in those years I've found one trick that is basically fail-proof and always, always saves my sanity.

When you're done with the tape, tuck under one teeny little corner. This gives you a tab to pull it back up again when you need to use it next time.

It sounds so small, and it is.  But if you don't do it the results may not be pretty.  I know you've been there... your tape has stuck to itself and now you're trying to peel it apart in one piece.  But it's ripping into shredded pieces and you're getting little strips of tape.  Your frustrated and want to toss the whole thing in the trash.  (Yes, I know, I've had it happen too.)

But once you get that tape back to its full state do yourself a big favor and tuck under a corner.  You might lose 1/2 an inch of tape but you'll save your sanity and your fingernails the next time you need it.

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