Thursday, March 10, 2011

Declutter Challenge #10

Hopefully after yesterday this one should be nice and quick!

The Shower/Tub

It's time to get rid of anything in your shower that you don't use or don't like.  Have 6 kinds of shampoo bottles with 1/8" of product left in the bottom of each?  Resolve to use them up over the next few days or toss them out if you don't like them anymore.  Ladies... old razors that are past their useful life?  Toss them (where the kids won't grab them and play with them!)  Any bottles that are empty and poofs/loofahs/scrubbing tools that no longer perform need to go as well.

The shower is the first stop most of us make in the mornings.  Try to make it a place that doesn't stress you out!

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