Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Declutter Challenge #9

We're staying in the bathroom today and diving in to look at what might be lurking....

Under The Sink

Are you like me?  Do the cabinets under the sink tend to collect all manner of miscellaneous stuff.  Mine is full of jewelry I never wear, old hair accessories, makeup samples and, well, I'm not sure what else.  Time to get in there and start reclaiming the space. 

Things to get rid of:
* products you don't use/like
* jewelry & hair accessories that haven't been in style in this century
* makeup that's too old to use.  Yes, makeup has a shelf life.
* anything that really doesn't belong in the bathroom at all

Now if you have old accessories you can donate them or you can donate them to your kids! If you have a daughter I bet she'd love to have a few scrunchies and bangle bracelets and shell necklaces to add to her dress-up box.  Just make sure she's not too young for any small parts.

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