Monday, March 7, 2011

Declutter Challenge #7

We're back in the bedroom today.  This challenge is a fun one.  Either it'll be super easy or make you cringe.

Under Your Bed

Under my bed is actually one of the least scary parts of my house.  We keep exactly 2 things under our bed... our gym bags.  It's kind of a strange place but since it's right next to my dresser (where I grab stuff for the gym on the rare occasion I'm able to go) it's actually quite convenient.  But I know many people use the space under the bed to store all sorts of things.

The challenge: clear out the stuff under the bed that you don't need or want anymore.  I'm not challenging you to reorganize this space... only to clear out the things that need to go out of your home - either to charity or to the trash. 

Bonus points if you take a picture of what you find and show it to us on your blog!

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