Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Declutter Challenge #8

Hopefully your bedroom is feeling a little less cluttered. Do you have a few empty hangers in your closet? A couple dozen fewer dust bunnies under your bed? Excellent! We're moving out of the bedroom today into the bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet
If you're like most people the cabinet in your bathroom is a catch all for the products you use to get yourself ready to face the day.  But sometimes we find that a product just didn't work they way we'd hoped.  Instead of getting rid of it, we let it sit there "just in case."  No more!  Be ruthless!  Expired?  Gone!  Almost full bottle of hair product that make your hair smell like your grandmother's basement?  Gone!  Anything that doesn't actually belong to you or your spouse?  Gone!

One other thing... your medicine cabinet is truly not the best place to store most medications.  Ointments and the like are probably okay, but most medicine (OTC and Rx) need to be kept away from heat, moisture and freezing temperatures.  I'm guessing your bathroom hits 2 of these on a regular basis.  Keep your medicine in a linen closet, in your bedroom, or some other location that isn't flooded in humidity when you shower.

Finally, if you are disposing of expired medication, please do so safely.  Flushing or washing down the sink is bad for our environment.  And throwing an old bottle of pills in the trash as-is can lead to other problems.  Smart Rx Disposal has a great method to follow.

If you'd like to see MY medicine cabinet you can find it here.

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